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Want to fit a lock, don't know where to start? You have found the right page!

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Fitting Mortice Deadlock

Marking The Door
Position the lock at the required position squarely against the edge of the door, and mark its position from the top and bottom of the lock case. Set-up the marking gauge so that it set to mark the exact centre of the door, and gauge mark a vertical line through the two horizontal lines that indicate the lock case position.

Cutting out the Mortice

Bore a series of adjoining holes along the vertical line between the two horizontals into the door edge using a brace and bit, or an electric drill with a wood bit designed for high speed wood boring. The depth of the holes should be just a little more than the size of the lock from front to back, including the forend.The remaining wood within the rectangular guidelines can now be removed using a sharp chisel. Ensure that both sides are straight and cut out as shown in Fig 4.

Handy Tip


  • Place the wood bit against the lock and mark the distance from the front to back by applying some coloured tape around the bit shank so that every hole will be the same correct depth.
  • Before sliding the lock into the mortice, turn the key in the lock so that the locking bolt is protruding, this will give something to grip when later removing the lock from the door.

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