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Man-Made Boards have changed the way things can be made

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Blockboard and Laminboard


Blockboard is made up of strips of wood up to about 25 mm wide running parallel to each other, which is the core of the board. The strips are placed edge-to-edge and sandwiched between veneers of hardwood, which are all glued together under high pressure. Blockboard is usually restricted to internal applications such as joinery, door blanks, furniture, and shopfitting. It should be noted that blockboard is at its strongest when cut and applied lengthways running the same way as the core, and should not be used widthways where any external pressure is applied.
Care should be taken when fixing, and fixing to blockboard, as the core strips that run the full length of the board may be voids between them.
The edge of blockboard is unattractive and will need to be refinished by edging with either hardwood or softwood timber edging.
If painted, the edges will need to be filled and sanded down before painting.
Blockboard is made in a variety of finishes such as wood veneers and plastic laminate surfaces.

Laminboard looks very similar to blockboard but it is made up of softwood strips, 5-7 mm in width as opposed to blockboard, which has strips up to 25 mm. In both cases the strips are sandwiched between the outer veneers.




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