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The DIY World is a resource with step by step 'How To' guides aimed to help you with your DIY and Home Improvement projects. You will find practical advice on all aspects of Do It Yourself in the 'How To DIY Projects' section with information on how to complete many popular jobs that you would want to do as either part of a home renovation project or just home maintenance. These include fitting doors, windows, skirting boards and architraves. In fact it answers all those questions you have asked yourself, such as; how do I hang a door? Or how do I fit a mortice lock? To mention just a few.

As the name suggests, the 'Features' section lists popular DIY subjects and articles that explain each title, such as Damp Proof Course 'DPC' and condensation, to electrical safety. The Tools page will show you the range of tools that are avilable to get your job done, and on most of the How to pages the tools that you will need to do that job is linked from that page to the tools page.
If on the other hand you find that you are puzzled between the term Lever Latch Handles and Lever Lock Handles, then you need the 'Glossary of Terms' section, which explains the meaning of building terms.

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I'm thinking of fitting an internal door and need to know about the different types and sizes of doors that are available. I also need to learn how to fit the door and the right types of tools needed to complete the job.

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